Sustainability Statement 2017

As a diversified conglomerate, PPB Group Berhad (“PPB”) aspires to achieve excellence in sustainability by integrating sustainable practices into every one of its business activities in line with the Group’s vision and core values.

The PPB Board (“the Board”) has oversight responsibility to deliver sustainable value to stakeholders through the principles, policies, objectives and strategies of PPB and all its subsidiaries in Malaysia (“the Group”). To assist the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities, a Sustainability Steering Committee (“SSC”) was established in August 2017. The SSC is chaired by PPB’s Managing Director and comprises PPB’s Head of Corporate Affairs as Group Chief Sustainability Officer, PPB’s Department Heads and the Sustainability Officers of the various subsidiaries.

The SSC reports twice-yearly to the Board and is responsible for:

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Developing and driving the implementation of sustainability policies and strategies, plans and project budgets.

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Reviewing and reporting on progress against sustainability strategies, targets, plans and budgets.

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Developing an annual Sustainability Statement.

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Identifying, communicating and promoting best sustainability practices in the Group.

In 2015, Bursa Malaysia introduced a requirement for listed companies to publish a statement of their material economic, environmental and social performance in their annual reports. Accordingly, we initiated a process whereby our Malaysian operations in our main segments collected data on sustainability parameters defined by international reporting guidelines and frameworks, such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). In 2016, we released our first Sustainability Statement. This described our performance on key non-financial metrics, highlighted areas where our sustainability management and processes can be strengthened and provided a basis on which we can continually improve our reporting to better meet the expectations of our stakeholders.

During our first reporting process, we drafted a materiality matrix of issues for validation by our various divisions. This was combined into a consolidated matrix of 16 prioritised issues relating to the activities of the Group, which was subsequently approved by the Board. Thereafter, the prioritised issues formed the basis of an agreed set of key performance indicators (“KPIs”) which are used to report on our sustainability performance.

Our sustainability reporting covers only the operations of our Malaysian subsidiaries. Subject to there being no significant changes, a materiality assessment will be conducted once every three years to ensure that any change in our businesses, as well as socio-economic and environmental trends, are taken into consideration.

Based on what we learned from our first reporting process – including the identification of material issues, mapping of performance levels and feedback from stakeholders – specific targets were set for 2017/2018. An overview of our achievements and progress in 2017 is presented below.

Targets 2017/2018 Target Year for Completion Status
Zero fatalities for all business divisions. Ongoing Zero fatalities in 2017.
Establish a senior-level formal sustainability steering committee reporting to the Board to drive policy implementation and strategy. 2017 Established in August 2017.
PPB Group and its divisions to establish a joint CSR task force to develop a community investment strategy. 2017 Established in September 2017.
10% reduction in accidents for livestock farming. 2017 31.6% reduction in accidents (from 19 in 2016 to 13 in 2017).
Flour and animal feed division and GSC to commission a carbon footprint assessment plan. 2018 A carbon footprint assessment was carried out for flour and animal feed division and GSC in 2017. The key findings have been incorporated into this report.
Flour and animal feed division and GSC to commission an energy reduction plan. 2018 Energy reduction plan to commence in 2018.
Develop a sustainability policy that sets out priorities for the Group and expected actions from each business segment. 2018 Group Sustainability Policy approved in March 2018.
GSC and Property divisions to commission a water foot-print assessment and/or a water reduction plan. 2018 Due to start in 2018.


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In 2017, we focused on our set targets and the most material challenges, while making greater efforts to improve our sustainability reporting and documentation. In the following sections we report on our performance in greater detail based on the four pillars of our approach to sustainability; environmental impact, working environment, marketplace engagement and community investment as below:

  • Environmental Impact
  • Working Environment
  • Marketplace Engagement
  • Community Investment

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