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Community Investment

PPB - KF Welfare Fund For Perlis, Educare Project
Community Investment

PPB - KF Welfare Fund For Perlis, Educare Project

In November 2018, staff of PPB and Kuok Foundation Berhad participated in the “Educare Project” under the “PPB-KF Welfare Fund For Perlis”.  700 needy schoolchildren from ten primary schools in Perlis were given vouchers worth RM100 each redeemable for school uniforms, shoes, socks, school bags and stationery. The Educare Project has been held annually since its inception in 2011.  It has todate provided aid to more than 7,000 schoolchildren in Perlis.

The PPB-KF Welfare Fund for Perlis was set up by PPB with a RM10 million endowment and managed by Kuok Foundation Berhad, for charitable and welfare activities to benefit underprivileged and poor Malaysians in the state of Perlis.

Empowering Indigenous Community Project 2018
Community Investment

Empowering Indigenous Community Project 2018

PPB has been engaging with Malaysia’s indigenous communities, the Orang Asli, since 2015 and we remain committed to helping address their need for basic amenities and improving their living conditions. We have identified their most pressing needs – the supply of clean water, sanitary facilities, electricity and proper shelter – and are focusing our efforts in these areas to meet their basic needs. We believe that communities benefiting from this programme should be fully involved, and we encourage them to take ownership of their own well-being and living conditions. To this end, and under the terms of our sponsorship, PPB purchases all materials whilst the communities supply the labour.

For the Jakun Orang Asli communities in Simpai and Tasik Cini in Pahang, we started by sponsoring the construction of wells for supply of clean water. As usage of the wells increased, and bathing in open areas had become inconvenient, we progressed to constructing bathrooms and toilets complete with septic tanks. In Gerik, Perak, where clean water can be readily obtained from nearby streams, we have sponsored the building of higher dams and piping systems to provide more convenient access. We have also sponsored the installation of solar panels to ensure electricity supply as well as saplings and farming tools to assist them in their farming activities. PPB’s sponsorship todate are as follows:-

2015 10 wells 158 individuals Simpai, Pekan
2016 10 wells 244 individuals Tanjong Gong, Tasik Cini
2017 8 sets of toilets & bathrooms 123 individuals Simpai, Pekan
7 sets of toilets & bathrooms 208 individuals Tanjong Gong, Tasik Cini
Dam with piping system & solar panels 3 villages Gerik, Perak
2018 Cleanliness campaign 192 individuals Simpai, Pekan
Saplings & farming tools 3 villages Gerik, Perak

We have in the pipeline, the sponsorship of 20 orang asli youth for a 12-month training course to develop vital foundation and technical skills at Science of Life Studies (SOLS).

PPB Back to School Project 2018
Community Investment

PPB Back to School Project 2018

As part of our CSR activities for the community, PPB has been giving school uniforms and shoes complete with socks and shoe whitener to schoolchildren from poor families under the "Back to School" project.

This project was initiated in 2010 and aims to meet the basic needs of needy school-going children and help ease the financial burden of low-income families. It is hoped that this contribution would encourage children from poor families to continue with their education.

For 2018, the "Back to School" reached out to 1,299 students from ten primary schools in Bukit Mertajam, Penang; and a school in Pahang of which the majority are from the indigenous group or Orang Asli. To date, more than 14,000 primary schoolchildren from various parts of Malaysia have benefited from this project.

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