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Health Talks

NKF Lifecheck Health Screening
Health Talks

NKF Lifecheck Health Screening

Chronic illnesses such as diabetes, coronary artery disease, hypertension, kidney disease, etc are the major cause of death and disability in Malaysia. Common behaviours such as poor diet, physical inactivity and lack of health awareness often drive these chronic conditions. To create better awareness for clean living and its benefits to employees, PPB organises full body workout sessions and health screenings to empower its staff to work towards a healthy lifestyle.

On 28 October 2015, PPB organised a free health screening and health talk for its staff under the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) Early Detection and Prevention Saves Lives Programme. A total of 71 staff from PPB Group and its related companies located in UBN Tower were screened.

The health screening comprised blood pressure, body mass index, waist circumference, random blood glucose, urine test as well as counseling session after the screening. In addition, a Random Blood Total Cholesterol Test at a fee of RM5 was also made available to the staff.

A 45-minute awareness talk on "Kidney Disease: Common, Harmful but Treatable" followed by Q&A session was held for the staff. The 21 staff who attended left the talk with a greater understanding on detection of kidney diseases and its prevention through balanced meals and lifestyle.

CPR And First Aid Training
Health Talks

CPR And First Aid Training

On 7 and 8 November 2013, PPB organised a 2-day First Aid and CPR Course for 25 staff at Crown Regency Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The course is certified by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health and facilitated by Academy of Safety and Emergency Care Sdn Bhd (ASEC), and designed to train a layperson to become a fully qualified First Aider to provide competent help and care to the injured or ill during an emergency.

The course covered treatment for choking; shock; bleeding and wounds; burns and scalds; bone, muscle and extremity injuries and spinal injuries. The participants underwent skill assessments for basic life support, recovery position and airway obstruction besides a mock drill on complicated emergency situations. They also sat for a written assessment before being awarded the Certificate of Proficiency and Course Completion Card, recognized in Malaysia and internationally as a certified First Aider for 2 years.

The entire course was set in a fun and light mood which made it enjoyable for participants to gain knowledge on First Aid and CPR, to enable them to provide aid to anyone in emergency situations.

Financial Talk
Health Talks

Financial Talk

On 18 October 2013, PPB organised a financial talk entitled "Retirement Income Planning and Optimisation" for its employees and staff from other affiliated companies as part of its CSR programme. The 1-hour talk at its office premise attended by a total of 34 participants was facilitated by Mr Yap Ming Hui, the Managing Director of Whitman Independent Advisors, monthly columnist for Starbiz "Money & You" and author of many best-selling books on personal finance.

Mr Yap shared the following common mistakes made by many in their retirement plans:

  • Under-estimate retirement living expenses by not factoring inflation
  • ROI of retirement assets not optimised
  • Retirement assets not diversified

The talk was a wake-up call to participants to develop a holistic action plan for their retirement. They were also encouraged to save according to their saving target as well as to grow savings and assets at optimal ROI rate.

The participants caught up with one another over lunch after the talk.

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