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“Let The Blind Read” Project

Under PPB’s CSR project “Let the Blind Read”, PPB assisted the Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB) in the production of Braille storybooks for primary school children. PPB also sponsored a set of 44 Braille storybooks published by Pelangi Publications to 26 primary schools for the blind in the country. The original Braille storybooks are kept in MAB’s library.

In the production process, PPB staff contributed their time and efforts by typing the storybooks in Microsoft Word format for insertion in the Braille version. On Saturday, 6 December 2014, 21 PPB staff gathered at MAB’s premises for breakfast followed by a short introduction on MAB by Dr Jacqueline who is the Fund-Raising and Sales Revenue Manager of MAB. Dr Jacqueline who is also visually impaired, shared techniques of guiding the visually impaired on the road, to a seat as well as getting into a car. Thereafter, PPB staff were assigned different tasks including typing, cutting, pasting, binding and slipping normal text sheets against the Braille sheets to complete the storybooks.

The voluntary work at MAB enabled PPB staff to spend time together for a good cause and be enlightened by the abilities and capabilities of the visually impaired besides assisting MAB to clear some of their backlog production of Braille books.

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