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Sustainability Policy

Group Sustainability Policy

PPB Group Berhad (“PPB”) is a diversified conglomerate and aspires to achieve sustainability excellence in all its business activities by integrating sustainable practices into its everyday business and aligning them to its vision and core values.

The Group Sustainability Policy (“Policy”) applies to PPB and all its subsidiaries in Malaysia (“the Group”) and is based on three aspects – Environment, People/Human Rights and Ethics & Marketplace.

  1. Environment

    The Group recognises the importance of environmental protection for the sustainability of its businesses and is committed to :
    1. Sustain a programme of continual improvement in environmental performance by incorporating suitable monitoring mechanisms and improvement targets on aspects which are material to our operations.
    2. Integrate the consideration of environmental and biodiversity concerns and impacts into its decision making and activities;
    3. Promote environmental awareness among its employees and customers.
  2. People/Human Rights

    The Group's human rights policy, which is guided by the principles expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, is an extension of its commitment to good workplace practices and outlines the following set of basic principles:
    1. Non-discrimination
    2. Fair Employment Conditions
    3. Health and Safety
    4. Workplace Security
    5. Privacy/Data Protection
    6. No Child or Forced Labour or Human Trafficking
    7. Community Rights.

    The other policies which support the Group’s human rights value and commitment are whistleblower and sexual harassment policies and grievance handling procedures.

    The Group is also committed to delivering high standards of service, product quality and customer engagement to best serve its customers’ needs and concerns.

  3. Ethic & Marketplace

    The Group conducts its businesses with utmost integrity, transparency and accountability in order to safeguard the Group’s assets and enhance long-term shareholder value by having the following in place :
    1. Code of Conduct and Ethics

      The Group expects all its employees at all levels and in all subsidiaries to conduct themselves responsibly, honestly and with integrity in carrying out their duties and responsibilities, and to comply with the Group’s policies, procedures and applicable laws and regulations. The Group-wide code sets out the minimum standards of conduct and personal behaviour to maintain a uniform set of values and ethics within the Group. Other Group-wide policies such as competition law and whistleblower policies are also in place to support the codes.

    2. Product Quality, Food Safety, Halal Compliance

      The Group seeks to continually enhance the reputation of and trust in its brands through its commitment to deliver products of the highest food safety and quality standards. The Group takes the quality and safety of its products very seriously and do not compromise on compliance, safety and quality in any way.

    3. Supplier Engagement

      The Group will engage with agents, suppliers and contractors to support our sustainability efforts and adhere to minimum environmental, social and ethics requirements. We shall work towards implementing the relevant policies proportionately and appropriately in our supply chain

    4. Privacy/Data Protection

      The Group respects the confidentiality of personal information of our customers and employees, and treat all personal data with integrity.

The PPB Board (“the Board”) has oversight responsibility to deliver sustainable value to stakeholders through principles, policies, objectives and strategies of the Group, whereby a Sustainability Steering Committee (“SSC”) has been established to assist the Board in its responsibilities.

The Policy will be continually improved upon and reviewed from time to time by the SSC for approval by the Board.

28 March 2018

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